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Finding Inspiration for the Perfect Personalized Gift

The world of personalized gifts has grown incredibly over the past several years, with options now including everything from engraved desk accessories for a budding business executive to personalized clothing to celebrate life’s greatest milestones. With so many options in the marketplace today, gift-givers are faced with an unexpected challenge – deciding which personalized gift is the best option for their gift recipient. To help consumers along, we’ve detailed the top considerations to keep in mind when searching for the perfect personalized gift. 


5 Design Mistakes to Avoid

Even the best graphic designers fall victim to the occasional design mistake, as trends quickly come and go and leave them racing to catch up with the newest looks. If professional designers are prone to making mistakes, that can only mean that non-designers utilizing today’s countless online design resources are bound to break several cardinal design rules. With websites popping up such as Canva for creating social media graphics, NamePress for designing trendy customized clothing, and Zazzle to create everything from logos to Zoom backgrounds, we’re sharing the top design mistakes to avoid — so your self-inspired creations impress instead of disappoint.


5 Steps to Building Your Own Brand

If you have a million-dollar idea, chances are you’ve daydreamed about building your own brand and the profit potential that could follow once you’ve established your business. The very definition of the American Dream, building a brand, being your own boss and achieving financial security is the ultimate goal. However, very few people successfully bring their brand to market due to one reason – not following the appropriate steps from concept to launch. Following are the 5 critical steps you need to take when building your own brand, to ensure all your hard work pays off in the end.


Top 5 Trending Product Categories

With countless big box stores, online merchants, Etsy shops and home-based retailers constantly dropping great new products, it’s hard to keep up with what’s trending at any given moment. However, a few 2021 product trends seem to be sticking around as we close out the year, and actually gaining momentum as we hit the holiday season and enter 2022. Following is a look at the top 5 trending product categories, including examples of the hottest products that fall into each one.