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Top 7 Personalized Gifts for the Woman in Your Life


Top 7 Personalized Gifts for the Woman in Your Life

It’s a long-standing stereotype with a hint of truth to it — women have high expectations when it comes to gifts from the man in their life. Whether she has very particular taste or seems to have everything already, men find themselves anxious when a gift-giving holiday is approaching. If you’re a man who can relate to this dilemma, take note of the following personalized gift ideas for the woman in your life. Personalized gifts convey thoughtful sentiment and effort, both of which will win her over. 


1.  A Date to Remember

Most women love jewelry, but when it’s personalized, it means even more. Today’s jewelry artisans are crafting high quality custom pieces that feature a special date, adorned with gems and available in gold, rose gold and silver. For that special date, choose from your first date, wedding date, child’s birthday, or a milestone anniversary. Etsy is full of wonderful jewelry makers who specialize in this type of jewelry, including Erdem Jewelry Design


2. Wearable Personalized Gifts

Celebrate the woman in your life with personalized clothing that she’ll wear countless times. 

Thanks to companies like NamePress, high quality t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, hoodies and more can be customized with her name, a special date, favorite hobby, and countless other options. Their easy-to-use online interface means you can create something meaningful and amazing without any design skills. 


3. Crossword Tiles

Unique wall décor that’s always a conversation starter are crossword tiles that intersect your names, demonstrating connection. A company like Stiles specializes in this wall art, and provides a handy crossword layout generator that provides options for the best setup. Include your name and the woman in your life, along with the names of any children and pets, to create a complete board that resembles a crossword puzzle or Scrabble tiles. 


4. Cuddle Time

Ideal for those cold winter months, a monogrammed blanket is a great idea for the woman in your life who likes to cuddle up. Plenty of companies, such as Jonley Gifts, offer personalization on high quality Sherpa throws, including monograms, initials and full names. Make the gesture even grander with some new movies and popcorn for a peaceful night at home. 


5. For the Wine Lover

For the lady in your life who appreciates fine wine, a personalized wine tumbler will bring a smile to her face. Companies personalizing drinkware, including The White Invite, are even adding lids and straws so the tumbler can be brought to gatherings, the beach, and anywhere else your loved one desires. Complement the wine tumbler with a few bottles of her favorite wines, and you’ve officially given the perfect gift. 


6. Family-Focused Home Décor

Every woman loves her family fiercely, and will proudly display that love. Wall décor such as a custom “This Is Us” piece created by Pecan Woodworks is one such example, featuring each family member’s name intertwined in a beautiful piece of art. This personalized gift tugs at the heart strings, while celebrating the family you’ve built together. 


7. Custom Giftboxes

Subscription services are widely available these days, from monthly snack boxes to clothing that fits your style. Curate a special gift box for the lady in your life, including teas, fragrances, candles, stationery, bath salts, and anything else that fits her personality and personal preferences. BoxFox allows you to personalize the entire box, right down to the color of the gift box itself and every single product inside. This gift tells her that time and attention were put into her gift, as well as consideration for all her favorite things.   


Any personalized gift conveys thoughtfulness and is a warm sentiment for the leading lady in your life. They stand apart from all other gifts received and will be remembered long after the occasion has passed. These ideas are sure to win her over, and earn you the reputation of a sentimental gift-giver.