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Top 7 Personalized Gifts for the Men in Your Life


Top 7 Personalized Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Whether you’re seeking the perfect gift for your husband, nephew or grandfather, presenting personalized gifts to the men in your life conveys thoughtfulness and careful consideration. For the next birthday or holiday approaching on your calendar, consider any of these customized gifts that are sure to make them feel appreciated.


1.  The Manliest of Wallets

Today’s modern men are ridding their pockets of bulky trifold wallets and replacing them with sleek, thin, minimalist wallets. Companies such as The Ridge are taking it up a notch by offering various styles, RFID-blocking technology, and rugged materials such as aluminum and titanium. They even allow you to customize the wallet of your choice with a name, initials, meaningful quote or thoughtful message. 


2. Wearable Personalized Gifts

When it comes to gift-giving, the most practical gifts will be used — or worn — time and time again. Personalized clothing such as t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, hoodies and more can be customized to the personality of your gift recipient, thanks to companies like NamePress. With their easy-to-use online interface, you can personalize clothing featuring his hobby, pet, favorite video game, family crest, and countless other options, along with his name or text of your choice.


3. The Gift for Golfers

For the men in your life who spend their weekends on the golf course, personalized golf club head covers will remind them of your thoughtful gift every time they hit the links. They’re also a great idea for groomsman gifts. Companies such as Craftsman Golf will personalize the head covers with initials and names, in the color of your choosing.


4. For the Grillmaster

Everyone has a man in their life who enjoys time in front of the grill with a cold beverage. Customized grilling utensils make for a great gift, especially for those with a summer birthday to celebrate. FirePoint Creations offers personalization on a serving tong, fork, brush, knife and spatula — as well as on the beautiful wooden case in which it’s presented. 


5. The Sophisticated Man in Your Life

Nothing says sophistication like a gentleman’s decanter set, especially when it’s engraved with the owner’s monogram or initials. Made of thick glass, decanter sets are traditional for serving and drinking top shelf whiskey or bourbon. Every time they raise their glass, they’ll think of you. This is one of many personalized guy gifts available through Groovy Guy Gifts


6. For the Hunter

ManCrates has done it again when it comes to creative gift-giving, adding a personalized hunting crate to their list of clever options. Personalized with a name on the Stanley Insulated Vacuum Bottle, the rest of the crate includes a TrueBlade folding knife, stormproof matches, Duke Cannon’s hunting soap, and camo face paint — all presented in a sealed wooden crate the gift recipient must open with the provided laser-etched crowbar. 


7. The Funny Guy Gift

We all have a funny guy in our lives who finds humor in everything — including himself. A comedic guy demands a comedic gift, and My Face Bobbleheads has you covered in the gift department. Customize everything from the neck up by uploading a picture, and your bobblehead will be expertly crafted with the hairstyle, hair color, face shape, facial hair, eye color and more of your gift recipient.

Regardless of the personalized gift you choose for the men in your life, they will be viewed as thoughtful and will stand apart from other gifts received. These ideas will level up your gift-giving game, ensuring the recipient understands how well you know them and how much you care. The phrase “it’s the thought that counts” is given a whole new meaning when you take the time to personalize gifts.