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Top 10 Personalized Gifts of 2021


Top 10 Personalized Gifts of 2021

We’re seeing the warnings all over the news — get your holiday gift shopping done early this year due to supply chain issues. While it feels early to be talking about 2021 holiday gift-giving, labor shortages and shipping delays are demanding we think ahead this year. This is especially relevant for personalized gifts, which are custom-made and require extra time and attention. With that in mind, following is a 2021 Guide to Personalized Gifts, highlighting the newest and most trend-forward options available this year for the gifts that matter most.


1. Handwriting Jewelry

Whether you lost a loved one this past year, or want to capture the first written words of your Kindergartener, handwriting jewelry is the latest trend to freeze those handwritten words in time. Simply send in the words you want created, and the jewelry will be created in the person’s actual handwriting.


2. Personalized Books

For that special child in your life, a personalized book will be one they read over and over again. Some personalized books simply require the child’s name for incorporating on the cover and throughout the pages, while others will ask details of their life and hobbies to add to the actual storyline. 


3. Custom Face Socks

We all have that one “funny guy” in our family or circle of friends, who you can’t help but purchase a funny gift for every holiday season. Face socks are the latest trend for comical gift-giving, with either your own face or theirs copy and pasted throughout both socks. 


4. Best Friend Pillows

Your “ride or die” bestie needs a memorable gift every year, and she won’t be disappointed this year with a custom best friend pillow depicting the two of you together. These creative makers allow you to select from a wide assortment of body types, hair colors, hair styles, clothing and more to personalize a best friend throw pillow. 


5. Customized Clothing

Even if you have zero design skills, customized clothing for any loved one is possible with the help of company like NamePress, which specializes in this area. Whether they love sports, action figures, video games or their pets, you can personalize a t-shirt, hoodie and more for them with this easy-to-use online tool that literally walks you through the process.  


6. Recipe Cutting Board

Your famous apple pie or often-requested chili are recipes you don’t want the family to lose. Consider gifting your children or siblings a customized recipe cutting board, featuring the exact recipe in your own words. Whether used for practical purposes or décor, these cutting boards are both sentimental and gorgeous. 


7. Artwork Turned into Stuffed Animal

Your creative kid has likely let their imagination run wild on paper, and created some one-of-a-kind characters or monsters along the way. Grab their favorite and send them into a company that will recreate their character into a high-quality stuffed animal, paying attention to the specific details and colors in your child’s picture. 


8. Personalized Family Drinkware

Who doesn’t love a matching drinkware set featuring their own family? Whether a family of 3 or a family of 6, pick and choose the characters that best match each member of the family, add their names, and you have a personalized gift that will make the entire family smile.


9. Custom Home Portrait

Perhaps you have a friend of family member who moved away from the place they once called home, whether to relocate for work or to settle into a retirement community. Artists are offering up their talents this holiday season to hand-sketch homes exactly as they remember them, so the vision stays with them forever. 


10. Customized Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles were a hot commodity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, as families sought ways to keep kids entertained and off devices while staying home. This holiday season, add to their puzzle collection in a special way with a puzzle that features them. It can be a professional family portrait, a funny candid, or any other photo that they’ll enjoy recreating piece by piece. 


Regardless of which personalized gifts you decide to go with this holiday season, they’re all unique and thoughtful in their own ways and will be appreciated far more than any off-the-shelf gift. Get creative, order early, and enjoy giving the perfect gifts this holiday season.