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Musician Joshy Tripp: How an Influencer is Leveraging the Custom Merch Market


Musician Joshy Tripp: How an Influencer is Leveraging the Custom Merch Market

Today’s influencers span a broad spectrum of audiences, from travel influencers followed by thousands who aspire to explore the world, to fashionistas whose makeup skills and wardrobe are the envy of many. Influencers can be celebrities, athletes, musicians, industry experts, or bloggers — with even micro-influencers trending today. 


Joshy Tripp is one such influencer who hit the music scene in 2019 and hasn’t looked back. The 35-year-old Salvadorian and Guatemalan singer/songwriter is a rapper who quickly amassed a social media following after his first single dropped in 2019. His late 2019 follow-up album and February 2020 collaboration with Vinny Rivera to create “Suavecito” further grew his audience of fans. Another single followed in May 2020, with his first live performance soon after at the Rhino Lounge in Waltham, MA — close to his hometown of Dorchester, MA. 


Joshy Tripp is an inspiring story of dreaming big and making it happen. Born to a Salvadorian father and Guatemalan mother, he was raised in a middle-class family and found himself inspired by music at a very young age. He would rap in school with friends, emulating his favorite reggaetón, merengue and bachata artists, including Ivy Queen, Baby Rasta, Cosculluela and Daddy Yankee. He was also influenced by hip hop artists Kriss Kross, Biggie Smalls and Tupac. 


As opportunities continue to open up for Tripp — including a new collaboration with Carlitos Rossy, three music videos, and a publishing deal with EQS Latin Music Management — he has become a great example of how to strike while the iron is hot. To capitalize on his growing fame and market his emerging brand, Tripp has turned to the custom apparel market. Partnering with NamePress, he is empowering his fans to create their own Joshy Tripp custom merch, including t-shirts, hoodies and even masks. This smart strategy has allowed him to get his brand on clothing worn across the country, with all the heavy lifting done by NamePress. His fans don’t need any designs skills whatsoever, with the company’s easy online interface making it easy to create exactly what they want featuring Tripp’s logo and name. Once they’re happy with their design, NamePress prints and ships the custom clothing to the fan — who will wear it with pride while promoting his brand. 


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