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Making Your Family Reunion Memorable


Making Your Family Reunion Memorable

Family reunions are a long-standing tradition, providing an opportunity for family members near and far to gather, enjoy each other’s company, catch-up, and have fun. For many, they serve as the only opportunity of the year — or every few years — to see distant family members and stay connected. While they require some work, from figuring out food to organizing fun activities, they’re always a memorable experience worth the effort.


To make your next family reunion even better than the last, following are some ideas to keep your family members engaged and feeling the love: 


  1. Time Capsule A time capsule is a great way to celebrate family history, with family members contributing items and memories to the capsule, to be opened at a family reunion several years in the future. Use a container that can withstand the test of time and weather, and add personal items including family photos, family letters, favorite family keepsakes, and old home movies. The time capsule opening will provide the younger generations with a glimpse of their family’s treasured past.
  2. Themed Apparel – Every family member has some sort of reputation – The Loud One, The Family Chef, The Comedian, The Instigator, The Favorite Child, The Troublemaker – and the list goes on. Assign a member of your family to create custom t-shirts for each family member, highlighting their family “role” in a fun way. Hand them out at the start of your family reunion for everyone to wear, and kick off the experience with lots of laughter. A company like NamePress can help, providing you with an easy-to-use online interface that lets you customize t-shirts with your own images and text.
  3. DIY Photo Booth – This is a popular, fun way to create memories and make people laugh with the use of comical props. You can easily put up a backdrop, visit a party store for a mix of props, and use an instant camera so you can print the pictures for family members to take home with them.
  4. Keepsake T-shirts – Family reunions are always a memorable experience, and there’s no better way to commemorate the event than with a keepsake t-shirt. If you have a family crest or emblem, feature that on your t-shirt along with the family name and year of the reunion. Or, create a custom design featuring the family reunion theme. NamePress can help with this as well, and requires zero design expertise.
  5. Talent Show – Surely, some of your family members have hidden talents they’re eager to reveal. Plan a casual, no-frills talent show filled with singing, dancing, comedy skits, magic, and more, and get everyone laughing at the impressive talents of their family members.
  6. Scavenger Hunt – Always a big hit with younger kids, a scavenger hunt is a great way to keep the little ones entertained, burning energy, and interacting with older family members. Create clues that require them to figure out which family member has the next clue, and end the scavenger hunt with prizes or sweet treats they’ll enjoy.
  7. Games – These can provide active time for all ages, especially kids and your most competitive family members. Include games from old school field days such a sack race, spin the bat, egg and spoon race, tug of war, an obstacle course, balloon popping race, and of course – the three-legged race. In the event of inclement weather, have some indoor games handy including cards and board games — and consider tournament-style play to crown the big winner. Be sure to have prizes for each competition winner.
  8. Outdoor Movie Night – End your family reunion with an outdoor movie, projected on a large white sheet or rent an inflatable movie screen from a local provider. Serve popcorn and candy, and bring pillows and blankets for comfy viewing. Instead of a Hollywood-produced movie, consider showing old home movies from years past, and enjoy a movie night full of great memories and reminiscing. 

Regardless of the activities, you plan for your next family reunion, remember to keep them inclusive of all age groups present and plan with maximum fun in mind. Since reunions are a considerable amount of work to plan, delegate the above responsibilities to specific family members and make the occasion a group effort.