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Finding Inspiration for the Perfect Personalized Gift


Finding Inspiration for the Perfect Personalized Gift

The world of personalized gifts has grown incredibly over the past several years, with options now including everything from engraved desk accessories for a budding business executive to personalized clothing to celebrate life’s greatest milestones. With so many options in the marketplace today, gift-givers are faced with an unexpected challenge – deciding which personalized gift is the best option for their gift recipient. To help consumers along, we’ve detailed the top considerations to keep in mind when searching for the perfect personalized gift. 



Perhaps the biggest consideration, personalized gifts range from storybooks featuring the name and likeness of a child to monogrammed golf club covers for serious golfers. The age of your gift recipient is your first consideration, understanding that your niece isn’t limited to mature gifts such as initialed jewelry when fun personalized gifts exist such as taking her favorite character drawing and turning into a custom stuffed animal. Similarly, your grandmother will appreciate a personalized blanket with family photos over beautifully-monogrammed coasters due to the sentimental value of the blanket.   



The gift recipient’s personality is also a major factor in selecting a personalized gift, since the options range from fun and bold to elegant and sophisticated. Your life-of-the-party cousin who never misses a family gathering is a great candidate for fun customized clothing that celebrates their big personality, while your bookworm aunt will be thrilled with a personalized journal for putting her thoughts in writing. Consider everyone’s unique personality before deciding on a personalized gift to ensure they’ll love it. 


Hobbies & Interests

Today’s personalized gift options allow you to drill down to you gift recipient’s very specific hobbies, demonstrating that you appreciate their interests. The hockey lover in your family would love a jersey from their favorite team with their name on the back, much like a hiking enthusiast would adore a monogrammed backpack for their next adventure. Personalized gifts convey that great thought went into the selection, and getting even more personal by catering to their hobbies and interests levels-up the gift even more. 



The lifestyle of your gift recipient is also a consideration in selecting a personalized gift, providing inspiration for what might be useful to them if they’re an on-the-go individual. For example, a working mom or dad who is shuffling kids to school and activities every day might enjoy a personalized travel mug to enjoy their coffee during the chaotic morning drive. A family or friend with a long train commute to and from work would be grateful to receive a personalized tote bag for carrying books and activities to pass the time. 


Considering the vast options available today, personalized gifts work for literally everyone in your life. It’s just a matter of spending an extra few minutes thinking about their life stage, personality, hobbies and lifestyle to zero-in on the perfect gift. You’re already going the extra mile with your gift selection by choosing something personalized, so getting it absolutely perfect by considering these factors won’t go unnoticed by your gift recipient.