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5 Ways to Make Your Child’s Next Birthday Party Special


5 Ways to Make Your Child’s Next Birthday Party Special

Every parent wants to make their child’s birthday an event to remember, from fun activities their friends will enjoy, to a memorable theme featuring their favorite character or hobby. There is considerable planning that goes into children’s birthdays parties, including where it’s hosted, what to serve for food, planning games and activities, season and weather considerations, and deciding on keepsakes for guests. Following are the top 5 ways to ensure your child’s next birthday party is one they’ll cherish forever. 


1.  Their Dream Theme

Depending on their age, every kid has either a TV character they adore or a hobby they’re obsessed with. Thanks to today’s creative party décor and rental companies, character and hobby-themed decorations exist for nearly everything. Whether it’s Disney Princesses or a love of soccer, make your theme explode in your party space with matching paper tableware, balloons, a piñata, streamers and more. Incorporate the theme into the cake, and consider a DIY photo booth with plenty of theme-related props. Think outside the box for additional décor, such as a rented throne for a Princess themed party or a soccer goal with several balls for shooting if it’s an outside soccer party. 


2. Guest Favors to Impress

While most children’s parties are known for small favor bags filled with candy or small toys, a birthday to remember features guest favors that will wow them. Go the extra mile with favors that have value and purpose, such as a commemorative t-shirt. Utilize the services of an online resource like NamePress, which specializes in custom-crafted t-shirts and more with any theme and copy you choose. Their easy-to-use interface allows you to create virtually anything, despite not having any design expertise. They even have pre-designed birthday boy themes and girl themes to help you get started. Feature the party theme and event date, and order multiple sizes to accommodate all guests. 


3. Endless Activities

Children have endless energy, which makes organizing endless activities essential for your party. Kids attend birthday parties with great excitement and anticipation, which means they’ll have plenty of energy to burn. While activities will depend on being inside or outside, go beyond the traditional Pin the Tail on the Donkey and arts & crafts, and opt for more exciting games that the kids will talk about for weeks to come. Consider a bubble wrap race where all the kids are racing with their arms and legs constricted by bubble wrap around their bodies, plan a scavenger hunt with a big prize for the winner or winning team, and play donut-on-a-string with kids attempting to bite a donut dangling from a tree branch or the ceiling by a string. 


4. Birthday Message Scroll

A great keepsake for your child to remember their epic birthday party is a giant birthday message scroll they can keep forever. Purchase a large roll of paper and colorful markers, and as guests are leaving have them write a big, bold birthday message on the giant scroll. Encourage them to include their favorite part of the party along with their birthday wishes and name, so your child will remember the amazing activities, theme and friends that made their day special. Since it’s a role of paper, storage is easy and minimal. 


5. A Phone Call from Their Favorite Character

If your child still enjoys Nick Jr. shows, consider scheduling a call from their favorite character. The Nick Jr. Birthday Club lets you schedule a specific date and time for your child to receive a call, which you can schedule during the party and have on speaker phone for all the kids to hear. The calls are personalized to your child, and include character favorites such as SpongeBob, Paw Patrol, Captain Man, Dora, Bubble Guppies, Blaze and WallyKazam. 


So many children have been without in-person birthday parties for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with drive-by and Zoom birthdays the unfortunate substitute. As cases subside and kids get back to a somewhat normal life at school and with friends, make the return of their birthday party one to remember. While not every year needs to be an epic event such as this, there’s never a better time to go all-out for your child’s birthday.