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2022 Trending Color Palettes


2022 Trending Color Palettes

It’s the time of year when stylists, graphic designers, interior decorators and trend forecasters reveal trending color palettes for the year ahead. As we look towards 2022 and everything new and fresh it will bring, color becomes important in the context of home decorating, marketing campaigns, and new pieces we select for our wardrobes. Following is a look at color palettes that are trending into 2022, according to experts, and how they’ll be put to use in the new year.


Bright Hues

While sage green, buttery yellow and creamsicle orange were hot colors during the spring of 2021, their much brighter counterparts are entering the scene for the spring and summer of 2022. Vibrant lime green, bright yellow and bold orange will be found everywhere from throw pillows and stationery to tops and shoes.



This color is not only fun to say, it’s fun to look at in any form. Chartreuse is making a big splash in 2022 in the home interiors space, bringing an electrifying jolt to any room and stealing the spotlight. This green-yellow shade works on walls, upholstery or on fabric chairs. It’s also becoming a favorite color for restaurants and trendy coffee spots.


Fresh Air Colors

With everyone spending more time indoors for the past two years due to the pandemic, whether working from home or dealing with quarantines, 2022 color palettes are radiating a fresh air vibe. Trend forecasters are seeing the design landscape fill with serene colors reminiscent of The Great Outdoors, including a wide range of blues and greens.


Pantone’s Picks

Pantone is known as the color authority of the world, with one lucky color being crowned as Pantone Color of the Year. While the 2021 Color of the Year was Ultimate Gray, the Pantone team is taking a 180-degree turn for 2022. Their thoughts on 2022 trending color palettes match those of other experts, predicting free-spirited optimism, liberation and boldness will dominate how we decorate our home and what we wear. They see daffodil, stand-out purple, heated red and spun-sugar blue in our future.


The great thing about new color trends is that online resources can react quickly to accommodate the consumer demand. When it comes to fashion, for example, these trending color palettes are coupled with the growing trend of customized apparel. NamePress is an online platform catering to the custom apparel market, which can already accommodate these trending color palettes. With a vast library of designs to choose from, and an easy-to-use interface for customizing, their library of colors covers all of these trending palettes and more.


Likewise, for the interior design market, leading paint brands like Behr and Sherwin-Williams simply need to mix existing colors to create these trending new hues for 2022. Those brave enough to try these bold new colors on their walls or as accents don’t need to delay in updating their interiors to be trendy for the new year.


What’s clear in the trending color palettes detailed above is that 2022 is a year for vibrant new beginnings. Trend experts agree that colors popping out for the coming year are all about rejuvenation and optimism.